The Japanese newspaper Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun recently wrote about Vobile’s "Research ID" solution, which empowers organizations across various industries to better utilize video content as a significant revenue source, enhancing both engagement and profitability.


The service leverages Vobile's extensive experience detecting pirated content on websites and social media platforms to analyze and optimize legitimate videos distributed on YouTube and other platforms.


"Research ID" uses data analysis to pinpoint effective strategies for video engagement, focusing on factors like optimal video duration, popular scenes, and effective use of subtitles or music. This approach helps in repurposing existing content and creating engaging short videos tailored to specific audiences. The service is particularly beneficial for sectors that may not fully utilize their video content, such as sports, cultural organizations, and corporate PR, advising them on how to produce content that captures and retains viewer interest.


Takeshi Oto, President of Vobile Japan, states, "We want to support not only the content industry but also all activities of companies and organizations to monetize as video content."